So apparently, the US government has been spending its time -- and our money -- to send American citizens...on free trips to Mexico? In April, our government admitted that it wrongly deported a North Carolina native, Mark Lyttle, who speaks no Spanish and is mentally ill -- a fact of... Continue »
Since the Republican Party experienced historic losses with Latino voters in 2008, many have called on the GOP to stop the intolerant rhetoric and get start solving the immigration issue that includes a new outreach to Latinos and immigrants, or risk becoming a regional party for years to come. While... Continue »
Secretary Janet Napolitano is finally coming out in stronger support of immigration reform, giving us a glimpse of the Arizona governor who, at various points in her career, strongly advocated the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Continue »
Newly released documents show that federal investigators twice ignored FBI records and other evidence and deported a North Carolina native to Latin America, The Charlotte Observer reports. Mark Lyttle, who is mentally ill and speaks no Spanish, was first deported alone and penniless to Mexico, where he has no ties. Continue »
At last week's heavily attended town hall meeting on health care reform in Arlington Heights Congressman Mark Kirk continued to propagate what Newsweek just called one of "The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate": that proposed reforms will provide health insurance to illegal immigrants. Continue »
More than 500 local and national groups joined the American Civil Liberties Union last week in demanding President Obama scrap a disastrous federal program that turns local police into surrogate immigration officers. Continue »
The U.S. government admitted in April that it had wrongly deported an N.C. native, but newly released documents show that federal investigators ignored FBI records and other evidence showing that the man was a United States citizen. Continue »
Before 1965, Leticia Hermosa had little chance of crossing the Pacific to the U.S. from the Philippines. Hermosa, a nurse, and others like her just couldn't get through the strict U.S. immigration quota system, which favored Western Europeans and essentially excluded those from Asia and Latin America. Continue »
President Barack Obama is facing growing pressure from some civil-rights, labor, religious and pro-immigrant groups to end a program that lets local authorities enforce the country's immigration laws. Hundreds of the groups on Wednesday issued a call to terminate the program, saying it can lead to racial profiling and isn't... Continue »
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Thursday that she was optimistic that a bipartisan immigration-policy overhaul would, at some point, get through Congress. "This is not a new issue," she said in a meeting with The Dallas Morning News' editorial board. "It's just putting together a comprehensive package that... Continue »