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Republican National Convention Digital Review: Day 4

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The final night of the RNC convention was filled with dictatorial chest-thumping, deliberate disinformation, and coded racism and xenophobia. The evening featured speakers and videos desperately trying to define the sensible Biden-Harris immigration platform as “radical” along with futile efforts to paint Trump’s relentless cruelty towards immigrants as successful. 

Mostly, however, Trump and his enablers wanted to push racist hot-buttons a la George Wallace rather than address the pandemic that daily affects the lives and livelihoods of every family in America. This divide-to-deflect strategy just doesn’t work with most Americans who are suffering under President Trump’s shortcomings in the midst of the pandemic. Trump’s non-stop Drive to demonize Black and Brown people is the reason a multiracial majority is emerging to reject the racism and xenophobia of this administration.

The night started with a speech from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who argued that Biden wants to “give healthcare to illegal immigrants.” This, of course, does nothing to address the millions of Americans who do not currently have healthcare under President Trump.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes started his speech by telling the story of his father who fled his home country, “barely escaping with his life.” These types of stories have been common throughout the convention, with many speakers glorifying immigrants who would have very little chance of making it to America today after Donald Trump gutted our asylum system and refugee program.

One of the most troubling moments of the night was a highly offensive and divisive video played during the convention that claimed “Democrats put illegal immigrants before Black Americans.” This strategy is one often used by the GOP in an attempt to deflect responsibility and ignore the actual systemic policies in place that cause oppression and maintain poverty cycles. 

Finally, Donald Trump’s speech lived up to expectations as he ranted about everything from dangerous immigrants at our border to Biden’s “radical” immigration agenda. He used his platform to fear-monger his base while ignoring the very real humanitarian crisis he has created with his cruel policies and inept administration.