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Colbert Report: "United, We Can’t Stand Them"

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“If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that half of us will not agree on even that,” starts off Stephen Colbert on his popular late-night TV show’s segment, The Word, wittily entitled “United, We Can’t Stand Them.”

Rumor has it that immigrants are pyromaniacal, highly-contagious, economy-wrecking terrorists. And now, according to Californians for Population Stabilization, immigrants are also the reason our weather is out-of-whack. “Saving the planet by demonizing immigrants gives liberals and conservatives something they can do together,” notes the Colbert Report as the group’s questionable advert finds it’s way on to MSNBC.

Watch as Stephen Colbert reveals with his quirky sense of humor the connections that the group has to the extreme and anti-immigrant John Tanton network —

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