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This year, between the House, the Senate, and gubernatorial races across the country, voters have the opportunity to decide the fate of over 500 elected officials. The future of the country is on the line and it is now more important than ever before to participate in our democracy. However, in order to exercise this … Continue reading »

It’s eight weeks until Election Day, and Republicans have a problem. They can’t run on health care because they’re dismantling it. They can’t run on education because they are defunding it. And they can’t run on tax cuts because their policies are just lining the pockets of those already wealthy. That’s why, again and again … Continue reading »

Kris Kobach, a candidate for governor in Kansas and one of our country’s worst anti-immigrant extremists, has accepted thousands in campaign contributions from a white nationalist. Sign the petition, tell him to reject hate money and give the donations back! >> Sign the petition here Share the petition on Twitter | Facebook Background: Kris Kobach … Continue reading »

It’s been one month since the court-issued deadline to reunite the 2,654 children that the Trump Administration separated at the border — but 497 children are STILL without their families. Even worse, some 322 children might never be reunited because the Trump Administration has already deported their parents. Even children who have been reunited with their parents might never be the same. In April, Sammy, 3, and his family came to the United States seeking asylum … Continue reading »

Ohio’s newest U.S. Representative, Troy Balderson, was just sworn into office. They say you only have one chance to make a first impression, so let’s make ours count. As Rep. Balderson settles into his new position and opens his new office, we’d like the first thing he hears to be calls about one of the … Continue reading »