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Vote for the Children!

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It’s been one month since the court-issued deadline to reunite the 2,654 children that the Trump Administration separated at the border — but 497 children are STILL without their families. Even worse, some 322 children might never be reunited because the Trump Administration has already deported their parents.

Even children who have been reunited with their parents might never be the same. In April, Sammy, 3, and his family came to the United States seeking asylum from violence in Honduras. One day, his father, Ever, was told to go fill out paperwork and see an immigration judge. When he returned, Sammy was gone.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took Sammy to a foster care agency in Michigan, thousands of miles away from his family. Sammy and his parents were apart for three and a half months.

When Sammy and his parents were finally reunited, Sammy refused to look his mother in the eyes. He pulled away from her embrace and crawled away aimlessly. Sammy’s mother turned to her husband and asked “what happened?”

It’s outrageous that the Trump Administration separated families like Sammy’s — and outrageous that Congressional Republicans have done almost nothing to help. They have passed no laws. They have held no hearings. In June, some House Republicans even tried to pass a bill that would have made detention mandatory for children like Sammy and his parents.

This November, whether you’re a voter or someone who can volunteer, we’re asking you to stand up against this injustice. Click here to tell your friends and family on Facebook that #FamiliesBelongTogether. (Click here for Twitter.)

For the last year and a half, Donald Trump and white nationalists like Stephen Miller have been attacking immigrants every way they know how. This November, we’ll have our most important chance yet to fight back. Will you join us for the fight?