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What Republicans Don’t Want to Talk About

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It’s eight weeks until Election Day, and Republicans have a problem.

They can’t run on health care because they’re dismantling it. They can’t run on education because they are defunding it. And they can’t run on tax cuts because their policies are just lining the pockets of those already wealthy.

That’s why, again and again in the next few weeks, you’re going to see anti-immigrant attack ads from Donald Trump and Republican candidates across the country. They want to smear Americans of color as being criminals or being the “other”.

We can’t let them succeed. We know that Americans of all colors and all creeds make strong and united communities. We know that strong majorities of all Americans, including independents and Republicans, believe that immigrants strengthen America.

That’s why voting in this year’s election is so important. If we don’t put a check on the Trump administration in November, families across America will continue to lose ground while Donald Trump and the Republicans continue to pass policies that only benefit the 1%.

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