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Help us Stop These Deportations!

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For a year and a half, the Trump Administration has been mass deporting immigrants and separating families. Right now, they are targeting a group of Ohioans who were born in Mauritania, who have been in the U.S. for decades and haven’t done anything wrong.

We need you to call Senator Portman, Senator Brown, and key Ohio Representatives and tell them to stop these deportations.

Our government deported just four people to Mauritania in 2015, but more than seventy-nine so far in 2018. There are around forty Mauritanians currently in immigration detention, and around 200 who could eventually be deported.

In Mauritania, horrific human rights abuses happen on a daily basis, from slavery to human trafficking to terrorism. Seyni, an Ohioan who was deported last week, suffers from kidney cancer and hepatitis, which will go untreated back in Mauritania. Black Mauritanians in Mauritania are often arrested for no reason, and have been tortured and even killed.

We need to stop this. We’ve sent a letter to Sen. Portman, Sen. Brown, and key House members from Ohio. Can you call them and make sure they pay attention?

CALL Sen. Portman at (216) 522-7095
CALL Sen. Brown at (216) 522-7272

CALL Rep. Chabot at (513) 684-2723
CALL Rep. Beatty at (614) 220-0003
CALL Rep. Stivers at (614) 771-4968
CALL Rep. Wenstrup at (513) 474-7777

After you’re done, please let us know how your calls went.

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