One month after Sen. John McCain faced hostile Tea Partiers at an Arizona town hall, McCain saw love from a roomful of immigrants this week who came to give him their support for immigration reform.  Check out this great Twitterpic showing that Republicans CAN grow support from Latino voters by leaning... Continue »
Washington Post (Opinion): How did we build an immigrant movement? We learned from gay rights advocates. By Frank Sharry Huffington Post (Blog): Got Any Spare Change (Theory)? By Jared Bernstein Arizona Republic: Senators closer on migrant measure By Dan Nowicki USA Today: GOP stresses minority outreach in self-critique By... Continue »
McClatchy Newspapers: Senators lean toward point-based immigration system, giving workers more of an edge By Franco Ordonez NBC Latino: Gang of Eight will meet immigration timeline, says aide By Sandra Lilley ABC/Univision: White House: Missed Immigration Deadline No Cause for Alarm By Jordan Fabian Washington Post: Schumer says immigration... Continue »
This week, conservative opposition to immigration reform continues to fall away, with the RNC releasing its report and Rand Paul supporting immigration with a path to citizenship.  As Benjy Sarlin at Talking Points Memo wrote yesterday, even Tea Partiers are now coming around to supporting immigration.  Some now wonder if... Continue »
One day after Rand Paul’s embrace of immigration reform with citizenship, and two weeks after Jeb Bush’s, it’s become clear that creating a pathway to citizenship is the mainstream position in the immigration debate.  If there’s something that should be learned from Bush and Paul’s big news stories on... Continue »
One day after the RNC report supporting immigration reform, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)–a Tea Party darling, filibuster star, and citizenship supporter–gave a speech supporting immigration legislation.  As he said this morning: Prudence, compassion and thrift all point us toward the same goal: bringing these workers out of the shadows... Continue »
In a stunning rebuke of the anti-immigrant extremists at CPAC, the Republican National Committee today came out in support of comprehensive immigration reform, admitting that the Party’s approach to Latino voters helped doom them in the last election.  In an “autopsy” report of the GOP’s problems and the path... Continue »
After the first day of CPAC yesterday, in which Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) and other conservatives tried to make the case for immigration reform without citizenship, and the latest news that Senate Gang of 8 members are considering passing legislation that weakens family-based visas, Republicans should remember that we need immigration... Continue »
As CPAC begins in Washington, DC, the Washington Post wonders if the conference is even relevant anymore: Immigration is an issue that will be front and center at CPAC. Organizers, led byAmerican Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas , say they are determined to elevate the debate and rescue the right... Continue »
On the eve of CPAC, more groups are coming out in support of immigration reform every day, including the National Federation of Republican Women and the San Diegans United for Commonsense Immigration Reform.  At CPAC itself, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) is scheduled to talk about how Republicans can win over... Continue »