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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, January 5, 2014

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Politico: President Obama allies bank on immigration backfire
By Seung Min Kim

C-SPAN: Prospects for Immigration Reform (VIDEO)

National Journal: How Hopes for Immigration Deal Fell Apart
By Rachel Roubein

Fusion: Obama: ‘Nativist trend’ could hurt Republicans in 2016
By Jordan Fabian

Wall Street Journal: GOP Readies Immigration Measures
By Laura Meckler

Talking Points Memo: Big Things Obama Did In 2014 Despite Republican Stonewalling
By Sahil Kapur

Politico: What we learned about the American voter in 2014
By Jonathan Topaz

AP: 10 Things in 2015 That Could Affect 2016 Campaign

AP: Jeb Bush Won’t Attend Immigration Critic’s Event in Iowa

Washington Post: Bush declines invitation to speak at immigration hard-liner’s Iowa summit
By Robert Costa

The Hill: Jeb answered immigrant pleas
By Jonathan Easley

Politico: 16 in ’16: The new battle for the Senate
By Kyle Cheney

CNN: Bush surges to 2016 GOP frontrunner
By Alexandra Jaffe

Politico: The immigration strike team
By Alex Isenstadt

Bloomberg: Obama Speaks to Democrats’ and His Future in NPR Interview
By Ali Elkin

NPR: Despite Election Defeat, Obama Sees Room To Push His Agenda
By Steve Innskeep

Wall Street Journal: Top GOP Senators Signal Willingness to Compromise With Obama
By Tennille Tracy

Reuters: Republicans look to challenge Obama on energy, Cuba, immigration
By Patricia Zengerle and Julia Edwards

Politico: Hill GOP agenda: Energy, Obamacare
By Jake Sherman, Seung Min Kim

AP: New GOP Senate Chairmen Aim to Undo Obama Policies

New York Times: G.O.P. Turns to the Courts to Aid Agenda
By Michael Shear

The Hill: Rubio: Immigration no ‘bonanza’ GOP
By Peter Sullivan

Latin Post: Luis Gutierrez to Kick Off Nationwide Tour Aimed at Helping Immigrants on Jan. 14
By Angel Ramirez

Washington Post: California begins issuing driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status
By Mark Berman

Wall Street Journal: Georgia Town is Case Study in Immigration Debate
By Miriam Jordan

New York Times: U.S. Agency Hiring 1,000 After Obama’s Immigration Order
By Michael Shear

Politico: Secret Service budget frozen over immigration
By David Rogers

The Atlantic: Does Immigration Harm Working Americans?
By David Frum

NBC News: 5 Issues Latinos Will Watch In 2015
By Suzanne Gamboa

Pew: U.S. border apprehensions of Mexicans fall to historic lows
By Jens Manuel Krogstad and Jeffrey S. Passel

MSNBC: Immigration action 2.0: Lessons learned from DACA
By Amanda Sakuma

Buzzfeed: Churches Now Providing Sanctuary Protection For Undocumented Immigrants
By John Stanton

Legal Times: Tough Questions for Ariz. Sheriff in Immigration Suit
By Zoe Tillman

Los Angeles Times (California): How Obama’s immigration plan is expected to roll out
By Brian Bennett and Joseph Tanfani

The Republic (Arizona): End of an era: Gov. Brewer leaves office
By Dan Nowicki

USA Today (Opinion): What Mexican immigration problem?
By Richard Miles

Washington Post (Right Turn Blog): Degrees of separation from Steve King
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Right Turn): Jeb Bush, no immigration radical
By Jennifer Rubin

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Jeb Bush’s Conservative Immigration Agenda
By Clint Bolick

Washington Post (Plum Line): Why GOP won’t pass real immigration reform anytime soon
By Paul Waldman

Forbes (Opinion): The New Reality Of U.S. Immigration
By Neil Howe

The Atlantic (Opinion): The Real Constitutional Crisis Is Hidden
By Garrett Epps

Washington Post (The Fix): How Obama misunderstands 2014 turnout
By Phillip Bump

Washington Post (Plum Line): Obama pokes the GOP’s ‘nativist’ hornet’s nest
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Opinion): Immigration and Common Core stand in Jeb Bush’s way
By George Will

Arizona Republic  (Arizona- Editorial): Like vegetables? Then support immigration reform

Boston Globe (Massachusetts-Editorial): Step back from demagoguery on driver’s licenses

Dallas Morning News (Texas- Editorial): Time to govern, and Texans can play key roles

Boston Globe: (Massachusetts- Editorial): Put limits on the border patrol

Los Angeles Times (California- Editorial): It’s time for Congress to agree on a humane immigration solution

Bangor Daily News (Maine- Op-Ed): LePage’s immigration lawsuit has no legal basis. Instead, he should urge Congress to act