With tens of thousands of people heading to Washington for the March for America this Sunday and the news of a bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform legislation from Senators Schumer and Graham, there’s a lot of news to track today – here’s a quick recap for the folks at home.

On the eve of Sunday’s march, other stories attracting the attention of the Spanish-language media include an op-ed from Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham sketching the outline of a bill for comprehensive immigration reform, and another round of raids being undertaken by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona.

Sunday’s March for America continues to dominate the Spanish-language media, while calls for an end to deportations and a challenge from Senator Patrick Leahy are also in the news.

As the drumbeat toward Sunday’s March for America continues, the Spanish-language media also covers yesterday’s press conference announcing the launch of the national Esperanza for America campaign, and developments in several states regarding immigration raids and enforcement.

Today features several op-eds and columns in the Spanish-language press about this Sunday’s march. Meanwhile, all are urged to participate in the Census, and controversies continue over old and new programs to deport immigrants from jail.

The Spanish-language press keeps its attention on the preparations underway for the March for America taking place next Sunday, March 21st, in support of immigration reform. Meanwhile, NumbersUSA and other anti-immigrant groups are planning actions of their own, and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took to the airwaves yesterday to press the Obama administration on immigration reform.

Today, the Spanish-language press trumpets President Barack Obama’s statement about his “unwavering commitment” to immigration reform and his desire to serve as a “partner” to its advocates, after several White House meetings to discuss what progress can be made to drive reform in Congress. Meanwhile, the federal government conducted immigration raids in Maryland and Nebraska.

The Spanish-language press is buzzing about meetings at the White House and plenty of marches: among anti-immigrant groups in Los Angeles, undocumented youth in Chicago, and the March for America in Washington, D.C.

The Spanish-language press keeps its attention on the postponed meeting between President Barack Obama and Senators Charles Schumber (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to discuss the legislative prospects of an immigration reform bill. The meeting has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

The Spanish-language press highlights yesterday’s press conference in Washington at which several pro-immigrant organizations charged that deportations have increased during the Obama administration compared to those carried out under President Bush. However, La Opinión reports that the Department of Homeland Security denies that deportations have increased by 47%, saying that the DHS report on which the groups’ claims were based contained errors in its formula for calculating the number of deportations.