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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, January 11, 2016

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English (en español al final de la página):

Bloomberg: Cruz: McCain Questions Citizenship Because He Secretly Backs Rubio
By Kendall Breitman

Latin Post: 2016 Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Says ISIS is ‘Seeking to Exploit’ Loopholes in the Immigration System
By Selena Hill

Indian Republic: US agents round up Central Americans slated for deportation
By Divyansh Mageskar

ABC News: Immigration Protesters Heckle Rubio Six Times at Poverty Forum
By Katherine Faulders

CNN: Immigration protesters disrupt Marco Rubio during poverty forum

CBS News: Immigration activists target Marco Rubio at GOP summit
By Reena Flores

Washington Post: Why Rubio and Cruz could lose the Latino vote in a general election
By Mary Jordan

Miami Herald: PolitiFact Florida: Marco Rubio vs. Ted Cruz on immigration
By Amy Sherman

ABC News: Marco Rubio Says Ted Cruz’s Immigration Record Lacks ‘Consistency’
By Ines De La Cuetara

National Journal: In Iowa, Ted Cruz Wields Steve King Like a “Knife” on Immigration
By Matt Vasilogambros

Washington Post: Rubio ‘absolutely’ stands by 2004 Florida proposal to give in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee

AP: Rubio Shifts Immigration Focus to National Security Concerns
By Kathleen Ronayne and Sergio Bustos

Wall Street Journal: Ted Cruz Rejects Trump Plan for Mass Deportation Roundup
By Harriet Torry

CNN: Cruz rules out ‘deportation force’ to boot undocumented immigrants
By Theodore Schleifer

ThinkProgress: Ted Cruz Tells Young Immigrant That He Would Deport People Like Her
By Esther Lee

Politico: Economists savage Trump’s economic agenda
By Ben White

Talking Points Memo: White Nationalist PAC Blankets Iowa With Robocalls For Trump
By Allegra Kirkland

Wall Street Journal: Rival Group Puts High Price on Trump Immigration Plan
By Reid Epstein

Washington Post: Donald Trump asks a Reno audience to weigh in on Ted Cruz’s eligibility
By Jenna Johnson

NBC News: Trump Says Democrats Would Attack Cruz on Citizenship
By Ali Vitali

NPR: Economy And Immigration: What’s Dividing Republicans
By Ravenna Koenig

Washington Post: After immigration raids, Latino leaders ask Obama to show ‘moral leadership’
By Pamela Constable and David Nakamura

Washington Post: Deportation raids to continue, despite outcry
By Pamela Constable

CNN: Democrats vent at White House over immigration raids, demand meeting with Obama
By Dierdre Walsh

Huffington Post: White House Isn’t Backing Down On Deportation Raids Targeting Families
By Elise Foley

Fusion: Iowans speak out on immigration: ‘Don’t let fear run this country’
By Rebekah Dryden

New York Times: Expansive House G.O.P. Immigration Bill Undercuts the President
By Ashley Parker

New York Times: Cubans, Fearing Loss of Favored Status in U.S., Rush to Make an Arduous Journey
By Frances Robles

The Hill:  Report: ISIS developed ‘sophisticated’ system of immigration
By Jonathan Easley

Fall Church News Press (Virginia): Community Rallies Around F.C. Child Facing Threat of Deportation
By Drew Costley

New York Times (Opinion): Behold the Republican Immigration Strategy: Mass Deportation
By Lawrence Downes

Washington Post (Plum Line): Tensions heat up between Democrats and Obama over deportations
By Greg Sargent

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Conservatives’ Creed Now Requires Hard Line on Immigration
By Ramesh Ponnuru

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Why Rubio Is Fleeing the Establishment
By Francis Wilkinson

Houston Chronicle (Op-Ed): Without any due process, raids by ICE are repugnant
By David Leopold

Daily Kos (Opinion): View from the left—feds focus on terrorizing immigrant families as armed extremists overrun Oregon
By Kerry Eleveld

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): This Is Fear: ICE Raids on Parents and Children
By Nancy Hiemstra

The Hill (Op-Ed): Semantics could save Trump’s immigration plan to block Muslims
By Andrew McKenna

En español:

Centroamérica: Hay heridas que nunca cierran
David Torres

La tarjeta con la que los latinos se defienden de las redadas de ICE en EEUU
BBC Mundo/La Opinión

Inminente deportación de inmigrantes desde EEUU activa las alarmas en Honduras
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Las redadas migratorias dejan a Obama expuesto a fuego amigo y enemigo
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Grupos civiles alertan ante deportación de 10 mil niños migrantes
EFE/La Opinión

Medidas extremas que toman inmigrantes indocumentados
Noticiero Telemundo

La Casa Blanca defiende redadas contra centroamericanos
El Nuevo Herald

Ted Cruz afirma que si es presidente rechazará redadas contra indocumentados

A Charles Koch no le entusiasman los candidatos presidenciales republicanos

Sanders y O’Malley critican redadas contra inmigrantes
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Expulsan a mujer con velo musulmán de evento de Donald Trump

Una mujer con hijab fue expulsada de un mitin de Trump
CNN en Español

Guerra de anuncios de campaña entre candidatos republicanos a la Casa Blanca
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Obama invita a ‘dreamer’ mexicano al Congreso como ‘inmigrante ejemplar’
La Opinión/Impremedia

Enseñanzas del triunfo de Trump
Samuel Schmidt/La Opinión

La ciudadanía de Ted Cruz
Jorge Delgado/La Opinión

A qué se enfrentan los nuevos migrantes que viajan a EEUU

Exprofesores investigan la historia de mexicanos en ciudad de California
EFE/La Opinión

NALEO no dejará que frenen el avance latino en EEUU
La Opinión/Impremedia