The Spanish-language press gives substantial coverage to President Obama’s announcement that he plans to send more National Guard troops to the border. Rumors that the Department of Justice will take action against Arizona’s SB 1070 also receive press, as does a new poll by America’s Voice shows that support for comprehensive immigration reform is stronger than support for the Arizona law.

The Spanish-language press covers continued civil-disobedience actions and protests against SB 1070 and for immigration reform. Political reporters wonder who’s setting the agenda in Washington, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to boycott Sonora back.

Over the weekend, Spanish-language media outlets kept last week’s exchange about immigration between the First Lady and a young girl in the headlines. Elsewhere in the Spanish-language press, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano leaves the possibility open that ICE will not cooperate in enforcing Arizona law SB 1070, and a rise in civil disobedience around the country leaves many courageous young people facing deportation.

The Spanish-language media continues to be captivated by the seven-year-old girl who stood up to Michelle Obama on deportations this week. The Mexican president’s speech to Congress yesterday and continued protests across the nation for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform are also top stories.

While Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s visit to Washington continues to receive coverage, the Spanish-language press’ attention was captured by the young girl who stole the show at a photo op for First Lady Michelle Obama by expressing fear for her undocumented mother. Various developments as Arizona counts down to the implementation of SB 1070 also grab a few headlines.

As grassroots groups continue to mount protests for immigration reform and in support of those who have been detained already in civil-disobedience actions, Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s White House visit presents a diplomatic opportunity for the White House to discuss reform.

As activists calling for for comprehensive immigration reform and against Arizona’s new law SB 1070 grow increasingly frustrated with federal inaction, protests continue to erupt across the country everywhere from Department of Homeland Security headquarters to sports stadiums.

In the wake of Univision’s televised town-hall debate on Friday and the release of new polling data on U.S. Hispanics’ take on immigration issues, the Spanish-language press looks toward a visit to the Capitol from Mexican President Felipe Calderón to discuss Arizona SB 1070 and the fate of undocumented immigrants.

The Spanish-language media cover a visit paid to Senator John McCain (R-AZ) by religious leaders from his state. Meanwhile, as a candidate for governor of Florida says he’d like to pass a law like Arizona’s SB 1070, the boycott of that state for passing the law rolls on.

As city councils join the Arizona boycott over SB 1070 and public officials continue to denounce the law, the Spanish-language media reports that the state has doubled down on offensive legislation. Also, Univision promotes the national town hall it is hosting on Friday.