It wasn’t at first obvious to an outsider what these police chiefs had in common, but after an hour’s worth of discussion it became clear: they’ve all been caught at the center of an immigration fire storm, without ever choosing to be there. What do these chiefs want instead? Consensus on this one — they just want to do their jobs: ensuring the safety of the communities they serve. Police chiefs and many of the associations that represent them, the Major Cities Chiefs, the Police Foundation, and now the Police Executive Research Forum, have increasingly been standing up to say just that.

The report makes several recommendations, including limiting the use of home raids to a last resort for targets who pose a serious risk to national security or have violent criminal records; the use of judicial rather than administrative warrants, and the videotaping of all home raids. It also calls for the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General to conduct an investigation.

In July of 2007, Prince William County, Virginia became “ground zero” in America’s explosive battle over immigration policy when elected officials adopted a law requiring police officers to question anyone they thought was “probably” undocumented. 9500 Liberty reveals the startling vulnerability of a local government targeted by national anti-immigration networks using the Internet to frighten and intimidate lawmakers and citizens. Watch it.

Last week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced big changes to the government program that turns local cops into immigration agents (the “287g” program). The changes are a start, but they haven’t stopped Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s dangerous and racist antics in Maricopa County, Arizona. Last Spring 40,000 Americans like you spoke out against the Sheriff’s tactics. The House Judiciary Committee called for strict review, and the Department of Justice announced it would carry out a federal investigation!