In an unusual move, the hate group FAIR denounced itself for using “inflammatory language” to “silence proponents of immigration reform.” The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) was responding to our full-page ad in the Politico, which alerted Members of Congress to the group’s true nature just as FAIR activists launched their annual lobbying blitz.

America’s Voice released a new video ad bringing to light the truth about the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The ad is a response to the recent press release sent out by FAIR promoting their hateful rhetoric as “rational.” View the video ad here:

According to press reports the extreme, anti-immigration CNN commentator Lou Dobbs is contemplating a run for Governor of New Jersey next year. America’s Voice has launched a new website to tell the truth about Dobbs and pundits like him, who think they can stir-up waves of anti-immigrant hysteria and ride them all the way to the statehouse, the White House, or the Governor’s mansion.

News reports about the immigration raid in Postville, Iowa Monday have shined a spotlight on Republican mismanagement of the immigration issue.