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White House Naturalization Ceremony Example of “What We, As a Nation, Do Best”

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People From All Walks of Life Who Have Worked Hard Embrace What it Means to Be An American

President Obama will host a naturalization ceremony at the White House today, where he will witness 28 immigrants, including 13 service members, become American citizens.  The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund:

“Today’s White House naturalization ceremony is a reminder of what we, as a nation, do best – offer new immigrants and their families the opportunity to become new Americans.  Citizenship is more than a process, it speaks to who we are as a nation.  It ensures that the energy and aspirations that drove these new citizens to our country in the first place keep our nation vital and moving forward.  It makes American the permanently evolving nation.

“The contributions and service that each of these new Americans has already made to our nation and our communities reflects how much stronger we become as a nation when we include the ‘them’ as ‘us.’  As the first agenda item after the President’s Middle East trip, today’s proceedings are a reminder of the importance of citizenship to the immigration reform bill that continues to move closer to reality and that President Obama will sign into law.”

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