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US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Ryan Immigration Proposal Runs “Contrary to Our Catholic Social Teaching”

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Today, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a public letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan criticizing the immigration bill that Ryan negotiated with the House Freedom Caucus and so-called Republican moderates. As the letter notes, “As written, this bill contains several provisions that run contrary to our Catholic social teaching.”

The letter states that the bill would:

  • “Undermine asylum protections by significantly raising the hurdle applicants face during the ‘Credible Fear’ review;
  • Lead to increases in child and family detention through the proposed changes to the Flores Settlement;
  • Eliminate protection for unaccompanied minors through the proposed changes to the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA);
  • Not include protection for the larger Dreamer population, as other bills, such as the USA Act, the Recognizing America’s Children (RAC) Act, and the Dream Act;
  • Make sweeping cuts to family-based immigration; and
  • Allow for unilateral implementation of a safe third country agreement without a bilateral or multilateral treaty or agreement.”

The entire letter is worth the read, available online here.