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The Trump Administration’s Family Separation Crisis Is Becoming a Liability for House Republicans

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New Ad In Washington State Highlights Mounting Political Risk for Incumbent Republican House Candidates

A new six-figure TV ad buy from Equity Forward Action released late last week highlights the mounting political risk for incumbent Republican House candidates in the wake of the Trump administration’s family separation crisis.

The ad calls on Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) to take action and to hold the Trump administration accountable for separating thousands of children from their families at the border due to its cruel and inhumane “zero tolerance” policy.

Watch the ad HERE:

Late last month, America’s Voice released a battleground poll conducted by Latino Decisions – on behalf of America’s Voice, Mi Familia Vota, Indivisible, NAACP, The Immigration Hub, and AAPI Civic Engagement Fund – of Latino, Asian American, African American, Native American, and White likely voters in 61 districts across the United States.

The polling showed that voters of every race – including conservatives – are upset and angry over the child separation and detention policy, by large margins. Overall 73% of voters in battleground House districts say they are angry about the child separations at the border. Further analysis of the polling showed that 79% of women living in the suburbs of battleground districts are angry about child separations at the border.

According to Matt Hildreth, Political Director of America’s Voice:

The majority of voters believe that how we treat new immigrants reflects our commitment to the values that define us as Americans. There is a broad coalition of voters across the country who believe that families should stick together and that we should look out for each other. The GOP policy of ripping kids from their parents with no plan to reunite them has become a defining issue for the Party of Trump.

Across the political spectrum, voters are rejecting Trump’s cruel and inhumane ‘zero tolerance’ policy and the Trump ‘divide and distract,’ playbook which is already starting to backfire. Republicans are desperate to avoid discussing the child separation issue – or any other issue relating to their actual agenda – and are, instead, using ugly, anti-immigrant ads to attack their opponents. That’s on full display in Virginia’s 10th congressional district where incumbent Barbara Comstock is recycling the same message that led to Ed Gillespie’s crushing defeat last fall.