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Spanish Language Media Blasts GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Obsession

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GOP Brand Plummets with One of the Fastest Growing American Voting Groups 

Media outlets are closely covering – and criticizing – Republicans’ continued failures to advance a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill loaded with measures to block President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

Beltway media outlets are highlighting Republican in-fighting between the House and the Senate and sharing in National Journal’s assessment: “Homeland Security funding runs out soon, and Republicans are stuck.”  Washington Post opinion columnist Eugene Robinson eviscerates the “juvenile GOP” that values “symbolic posturing over pragmatic action,” stating that, “If the party’s aim is to show Americans it is ready to govern, we are witnessing an epic fail.  Washington Post conservative writer Jennifer Rubin states that we “have arrived at the cul de sac that always confronts the right wing.  It cannot win without total control (a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and the White House), and it cannot back down, for its Beltway racket makes money and sustains anger by being purer than pure.”  Kevin Drum writes in Mother Jones that Republicans have stepped into a political trap laid for them by President Obama and Democrats, noting, “By the time 2016 rolls around, even a moderate guy like Jeb Bush is going to be so tainted by Republican craziness on immigration that he’ll get virtually no support from the Latino community.” 

Yet despite the near-universal condemnation in English language media, Republicans should perhaps be more worried about the coverage they are receiving in leading Spanish language media outlets.  Spanish language media is closely monitoring and reporting on the GOP’s anti-immigrant obsession.  If it’s possible, Republicans’ brand image among Latino voters may actually be getting worse.  As journalist Jorge Ramos recently explained:

If Republicans had their way, more than four million undocumented immigrants would lose the protections President Barack Obama granted through an executive order in November.  They would face deportation again.  Latinos have no choice but to take this personally.

Below is a translated snapshot of some recent Spanish language media coverage: