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Sandusky-Area Immigration Raid: “Shock and Awe” Show of Force to Terrorize and Destroy Ohio Families

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Sandusky, OH —  As TV cameras rolled, two hundred law enforcement agents–aided by “aerial surveillance”–descended upon Corso’s Flower & Garden Center, arresting workers left and right in what may be the largest immigration raid yet under Trump’s regime.

All told, more than 100 men and women were arrested in Erie County, Ohio this morning.  Reporters from 13abc were on the scene when the raids occurred, making it clear that the Trump Administration was looking for a publicized “shock and awe” show of force as they carried out this massive raid.

As with other workplace raids in Tennessee and Iowa, the strategy is to treat ordinary and humble workers like dangerous criminals, celebrating their arrests in the media.  Meanwhile, spouses, children, and other loves ones are left devastated, searching for a way to pick up the pieces.

Lynn Tramonte, Director of America’s Voice Ohio, said: “The Trump Administration thrives off of terrorizing immigrants and breaking up families.  It’s clear that they have no respect for the hard work immigrants put in, day in and day out, to help make Ohio and America great. It’s also clear that they have no regard for the American children who will be missing a parent tonight at the dinner table–and possibly all throughout their childhood–because Trump’s political police force wanted a ‘shock and awe’ headline.

“Workplace raids are a tactic designed to destroy lives and intimidate other workers.  This is an immoral way to treat hardworking immigrants who come to Ohio to raise strong families and build a better life.”