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Public Outrage Rescues Life-Saving Medical Program For Immigrants

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American Public and Democrats in Congress Step Up: “This reversal was not a change of heart from Trump or Stephen Miller. It is the result of broad public outcry…”

A program that would affect over 1,000 immigrants seeking to stay in the U.S. for life-altering medical treatment was reinstated, saving immigrants’ lives, including the life of Maria Isabel Bueso. Her testimony, along with other stories of desperately ill immigrants, including a hearing led by the House Oversight subcommittee and amplified by a broad public outcry from the media and medical institutions, prompted the Department of Homeland Security to resume consideration of requests for deferrals. 

According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice: “Let’s be clear: this reversal was not a change of heart from Trump or Stephen Miller. It is the result of broad public outcry from the brave, impacted families and medical professionals, who were supported by policymakers like Senator Ed Markey, Representatives Jamie Raskin and Ayanna Pressley and the 120 members of Congress who demanded answers from an out-of-control government. Diligent, relentless coverage from news organizations like WBUR and the Boston Globe and others helped put the issue of deporting immigrants with cancer and other diseases and conditions on the map. These voices forced a reevaluation and a meaningful backtrack in the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant crusade. The reversal of this Trump administration decision exemplifies the true meaning of justice and democracy when the public and leaders raise their voices. Public outrage can and should still matter in the democratic process. In times of uncertainty, we celebrate the victories and remain vigilant to the growing attack on immigrants from President Trump and his administration and the fact that we have seen them quietly reverse themselves on even the most egregious immigration policies in the past.”

Read WBUR’s thorough reporting, which followed these immigrants’ heartbreaking stories and the final decision that helped stall the Trump administration’s anti-immigration agenda.