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Pili Tobar on White House Immigration Proposal: “To say it’s dead on arrival would be generous.”

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The following is a quote from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, in advance of today’s White House immigration speech to unveil the Jared Kushner-led immigration proposal:

White House Rose Garden legislative unveilings used to be reserved for serious policy proposals, not for political posturing and vanity projects for the first family that are going nowhere.

The Kushner proposal  is even worse than the 2018 Trump/Stephen Miller bill that died in the Senate by a 39-60 count. Simply put, Jared has as much of a chance of brokering a Middle East peace deal as he does of getting congressional backing for this proposal.

This is not designed to be a serious policy proposal – it’s a message document that is a misguided attempt at political posturing. To say it’s dead on arrival would be generous.