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Pili Tobar on Scheduled Sudan TPS Termination Date Postponed by Temporary Injunction

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Calls on Congress to Act Immediately

Today, November 2, 2018, is DHS’ scheduled termination date for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Sudan. If it weren’t for ongoing litigation in Ramos v. Nielsen, a lawsuit suing the Trump administration for terminating TPS on unconstitutional grounds, starting today more than 1,000 Sudanese TPS holders would no longer hold legal immigration status that some have held for decades. A temporary injunction ordered by a federal court earlier in October blocked the terminations of TPS for four countries including Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Sudan.

Sudan is still grappling with the conditions that led to its TPS designation in 1997: extreme violence, famine, hunger and displacement from civil wars that have lasted decades.

Without congressional action, the eventual deportation of Sudanese TPS holders is only a matter of time.

Sudanese TPS holders with African Communities Together (ACT), are available for press inquiries. Please contact Sadatu Mamah-Trawill at 347-400-5350 or sadatu@africans.us.

Pili Tobar, managing director of America’s Voice Education Fund, said:

Today marks the end of legal status for Sudanese TPS holders, leaving them at the edge of a precipice, hanging in the balance between a federal lawsuit that is currently preventing their deportation and a Republican Congress that refuses to act to provide a long term solution. While ongoing litigation is protecting them, this is a momentary victory. Congress must act, and create a way for our fellow Americans and neighbors to stay in the U.S.- the country they have made their home. Thousands of Sudanese TPS holders’ lives are at stake and Congress must act.