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New Reuters/Ipsos Polling: Majority of Americans Back Immigration Executive Action

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New polling from Reuters/Ipsos finds that a majority of Americans support the DAPA/DACA expansion executive actions that the Supreme Court will consider in the US v Texas case.

“This poll shows, once again, that our position is the mainstream position in America,” said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund.  “These immigration policies are popular, in line with other actions taken by presidents of both parties, and transformative for the immigrants and American children who stand to benefit from them.  This is all the more reason that the Supreme Court should do the right thing and unfreeze DAPA.”

Per the Reuters article accompanying the new poll:

“The poll shows 61 percent of Americans support the plan to relax immigration policy for some undocumented people when it is described in general terms without using Obama’s name, including 42 percent of Republicans.  Half of Republicans opposed the idea.

But when the same plan was described as being an executive action taken by Obama, support fell to 54 percent overall, with only 31 percent of Republicans supporting it and 62 percent opposing the measures.

For Democrats, 78 percent supported the plan when it was described without using Obama’s name, and 80 percent supported it when the president’s name was attached to it.”

Although support dropped when President Obama’s name was attached to the policy, a majority of Americans still supported the policies.  In fact, the policies are more popular than the President, whose approval rating hovered around 45% at the time.

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