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New Report: Trump’s First 100 Days on Immigration: Yes, We Have a Deportation Force Carrying Out Mass Deportation. No, They Aren’t Focusing on “Bad Hombres”


Today, America’s Voice Education Fund releases a new report assessing immigration enforcement in the first 100 days on immigration of the Trump Administration (available in Spanish here). While President Trump has already flip-flopped on an array of campaign promises, deportations are proceeding in rigid accordance with Trump’s nativist campaign pledge. As we reach the traditional first 100 days benchmark, it is clear that the Trump Administration has laid the groundwork to implement a mass deportation plan that targets all 11 million undocumented immigrants, not just the “bad hombres.”

In This Report: First 100 Days On Immigration Key Findings

  • President Donald Trump is following through on one of candidate Donald Trump’s consistent pledges — the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.
  • The Trump immigration enforcement blueprint is to go after anyone and everyone, not just the “bad hombres” that the Trump Administration rhetorically emphasizes.
  • Targeting formerly “low priority” immigrants during routine interactions with DHS departments and at courthouses is a key feature of the mass deportation agenda, not an anomaly.
  • The sweeping nature of the Trump mass deportation plan, including pulling DOJ into immigration enforcement in new ways, is spreading fear and chaos and harming overall public safety.

Articulated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, DHS Secretary John Kelly, and advisors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, and enabled by the quiet complicity of Capitol Hill Republicans, Trump’s immigration radicalism is unfolding with devastating consequences for both immigrants and all Americans. Hindering rather than helping public safety, ripping apart stable American families, and wreaking economic havoc, Trump’s mass deportation agenda undermines our values as a nation of immigrants and a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions around the world.

Read the full report online here or here for the Spanish language translation.