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New Polling of Latino Voters: “Failure Isn’t An Option”

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Democrats need to deliver on immigration this year


New battleground polling of Latino voters underscores why Democrats need to use their majority to deliver on immigration reform this year. 

The poll, featuring responses of more than 1,800 Latino voters in battleground states and districts across the country, was conducted by Barreto Segura Partners (BSP Research) and EquisLabs on behalf of The Immigration Hub and UnidosUS Action Fund.

Read the pollsters’ summary memo here and The Immigration Hub’s press release with additional key findings and analysis here

Among the key findings:

Overwhelming Latino voter support for pro-immigrant policies

  • 82% support for the American Dream and Promise Act.
  • 82% support the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.
  • 80% support for earned legal status and path to citizenship for essential workers.

Big electoral stakes riding on whether Democrats deliver on immigration

  • “When asked who would deserve blame if immigration reform does NOT pass this year, Latinos are equally split with 30% blaming Biden/Democrats, 31% blaming Republicans and 40% blaming both parties equally.” 
  • However, if immigration reform does pass, the poll finds that Democrats “emerge with a +47 margin with 57% crediting Biden/Dems to only 10% crediting the GOP. This is particularly the case with key political segments such as Latino independents (48% credit Dems, 8% credit GOP, +40) and undecided Latino voters (45% credit Dems, 6% credit GOP, +39, and Latinos in Texas 61% credit Dems, 10% credit GOP, +51).

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, 

For Democrats and legislation to enact pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, failure is not an option.

The new polling makes it clear that Democrats will get huge credit for enacting a long overdue breakthrough on legalization, and will get huge blame if they don’t. It won’t be good enough to argue, ‘we tried but Republicans blocked us.’ Democrats have to use every ounce of their power to produce a breakthrough this year. 

As Biden and Democrats are doing on other issues, this is the time to go big, go fast and deliver change.