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New Political Memo on the Changed Politics of Immigration and the Way Forward

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Washington, DC — On the heels of border trips by President Biden and Donald Trump and ahead of Super Tuesday and a State of the Union address that promise to kick us into general election mode, America’s Voice has issued a new political memo assessing the changed politics and way forward on immigration in the 2024 cycle.

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“The extreme rhetoric and radical policy proposals once considered fringe are now the guiding principles of a Republican Party hoping to run on immigration and border chaos as their signature 2024 political issue. Yet, the collapse of the Senate’s border bill negotiated and subsequently killed by Republicans and the victory of Tom Suozzi in the recent NY special election has opened up the opportunity for Democrats to show how this issue can be addressed with sensible policies and sound politics. Democrats now have the chance to redefine the debate and go on offense to broadly neutralize and even win over some voters on Republicans’ signature 2024 issue. I expect we’ll see more of this approach at the State of the Union this week.”

The new political memo, available in full here, lays out the way forward for Democrats and Americans looking for common-sense solutions on immigration. The memo is informed by research and election analysis and is divided into four short sections:

  • Trump’s extremism cedes the middle
  • GOP has no rational plan to manage migration
  • Despite the hate, support for legalization among the American public is strong
  • Democrats can neutralize and even win over some voters on the issue if they go on the offense and redefine the debate.

Read the new political memo from America’s Voice: “The Changed Politics of Immigration and the Way Forward”