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Immediate Action Needed to Protect Liberian DED Holders

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Congress Must Pass Dream and Promise Act

Countdown to DED Expiration: 3 Days

After this Sunday, March 31st, thousands of Liberians protected under Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) will lose their legal immigration status. As a result, Liberians who have lived in the U.S. for decades will be put at risk of deportation and family separation.

A lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s unlawful decision to terminate DED for Liberians was filed in Boston, citing his racist remarks as evidence that the termination was based on “bigotry, discrimination and hate” towards immigrants of color. While the case advances in court, there are only three days until members of our communities will officially lose their status. Congress must act quickly to pass the Dream and Promise Act to provide the permanent protections DED holders deserve.

Below are stories highlighting the urgency facing Liberian immigrant communities as the deadline nears:

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Los Angeles Times: Trump’s move to end humanitarian program exposes Liberian UCLA student to deportation

ThinkProgress: The Dream and Promise Act is the only hope left for Liberians abandoned by the Trump administration

Minneapolis Star Tribune Editorial Board: Keep protecting America’s Liberians