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ICYMI: WHSV ABC 3: “People in Harrisonburg rally for TPS recipients”

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Harrisonburg, VA – On Tuesday night, Virginians rallied to demonstrate support for TPS holders in Virginia. An organizer of the rally, Kamilo Ravera, said it is important to show support because of how many TPS holders are in the Valley  –  approximately 2,000.

Harrisonburg recently passed a resolution in support of TPS holders and DACA recipients, but demonstrators on Tuesday night want more action and, ultimately, a permanent pathway to citizenship for both TPS and DACA recipients across the country.

The full piece can be accessed here, and follows below:

A group of immigrants in California is suing the Trump administration over the ending of their temporary protected status.

On Tuesday night, people rallied in Harrisonburg to show support for the immigrants in California.

Kamilo Rivera, one of the rally’s organizers, said it is important to show support because of how many TPS recipients are in the Valley.

The rally came on the heels of the city of Harrisonburg passing a resolution in support of TPS and DACA recipients. But the group of people in Harrisonburg on Tuesday night is hoping for more action.

They are hopeful eventually there will be a lawful path to citizenship for TPS recipients.

Rivera said everyone needs to respect the laws of the country and the way the Trump administration ended the program for some recipients was against the law.

Even though the lawsuit was filed by people in San Francisco, Rivera said it’s felt in the Valley too.

“Because here in Harrisonburg we have, in the Valley, 2,000 TPS’s,” Rivera said. “These people worked over here for long, long years. Many years.”