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ICYMI: Washington Post, “Going Home After Half a Lifetime”

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The Uncertain Future for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holders Continues

Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen and Somalia: 5 Weeks

In an emotionally moving piece for the Washington Post, Maria Sacchetti explores the uncertainty that lies ahead for more than 300,000 TPS holders. She follows Guillermo Mendoza, a Salvadoran TPS holder, and explores the impact on his family in the wake of Trump’s termination for TPS countries still facing enormous economic and social hardships.

You can read the piece here.

An excerpt of Sacchetti’s story is below:

At 36, he had achieved his version of the American Dream: Married, with two children, a work permit, a six-figure salary as a construction safety manager, a sprawling house in Silver Spring, Md.

But his permission to live in the United States was soon to expire, because of the Trump administration’s decision to end federal programs that allow Mendoza and some 300,000 other immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti to work legally on U.S. soil.

So Mendoza had to consider where else he might go. Among the options: Whether he could begin again — with his American-citizen wife and U.S.-born son and daughter — in the small, troubled country he fled half a lifetime ago.