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ICYMI: Trump’s Termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Unpends Hundreds of Thousands of Lives

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Reveal, “Immigration Numbers Illustrate Lives Impacted by Trump-Era Policies”

Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen and Somalia: 4 Weeks

In an article for Reveal, Vanessa Swales lays out the numbers of immigrants whose lives have been completely upended by the Trump Administration. The numbers don’t lie- hundreds of thousands of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders lives’ will be uprooted as a result of Trump’s immigration policies. You can find the article in full here.

An excerpt of Swales’ piece is below:

428,250 people will have to leave the U.S. within the next two years with the end of Temporary Protected Status for people from six countries. The Department of Homeland Security decided to end provisional residency previously provided to 262,500 Salvadorans, 86,000 Hondurans, 58,600 Haitians, 14,800 Nepalis, 5,300 Nicaraguans and 1,050 Sudanese. Source: CNN

119,100 immigrant workers from El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti lost with the end of Temporary Protected Status will affect a number of leading U.S. industries, including construction, restaurants and other food services, landscaping services, child day care services and grocery stores. Source: Journal on Migration and Human Security