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ICYMI: Lynn Tramonte in The Hill: “Sen. Portman, Your Dreamer Constituents Need Solutions, Not Stunts”

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Writing in The Hill this weekend, Lynn Tramonte of America’s Voice and America’s Voice Ohio calls out Senator Rob Portman’s (R-OH) record of playing games on immigration instead of actually legislating.

In the article “Sen. Portman, your Dreamer constituents need solutions, not stunts,” she offers specific examples from the recent Dream Act debate, and the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform battle, and writes:

Portman has been in Washington a long time. He knows that making laws means making compromises. No bill will ever be “perfect” to any one person, because 100 senators and 435 House members — with strongly-held, diverse opinions — have a shot at shaping it.  If the good outweighs the bad, from a particular legislator’s vantage point, the vote should be yes.

There are no press releases or op-eds Sen. Portman could write that would explain away his votes against Ohio Dreamers last week. Also, there are Ohioans who are paying attention and tired of his political games.

The complete article can be accessed here.