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ICYMI: ABC and The Independent Profile Honduran Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holders After Trump’s Decision to End Program

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 “Disastrous,” “Sending Me To My Death,” “Rocked To the Core,”

“Can’t Imagine Life Without My Mom”

Honduran communities were devastated last week by the Trump Administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 57,000 Hondurans. Reporters Conor Finnegan from ABC News and Jeremy White from The Independent profile TPS holders and immigration advocates who are speaking out against Trump’s deportation agenda. Read Finnegan and White’s article in full.

Conor Finnegan from ABC News,

“’This is disastrous for me, as it is for my children in Honduras. If I’m deported I won’t be able to help them in college. When I’m not able to provide for them, what choice will they have except to come here?’ Orlando Lopez, a TPS holder in Miami, said in a statement through the advocacy group America’s Voice Education Fund. ‘They are practically sending me to my death.’”


“’Our last hope lies with Congress, that they’ll find a way to build legislation to keep us together in the U.S.,’ Jailene, a 16-year-old in New York whose mother is a TPS recipient, said through America’s Voice Education Fund statement, too. ‘I can’t imagine life without my mom.’”

Jeremy White from The Independent,

“‘Our communities continue to be rocked to the core with every new action by this racist administration. Honduras is not ready to receive and reintegrate immigrants that are being deported from the United States and other countries like Mexico’, Patricia Montes of the advocacy organisation Centro Presente said in a statement.

“Dozens of Congress members had signed onto a petition circulated by the advocacy group America’s Voice to oppose halting temporary protected status for Hondurans. The letter warned that conditions in Honduras remain ‘stagnant’ some two decades after Hurricane Mitch and ‘have substantially worsened’ after a contested election last year.”

Read the ABC and The Independent articles in their entirety.