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This Holiday Season, Millions of Immigrant Families Able to Celebrate Free From Fear

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New Website Captures Humanity of Administrative Action with Videos and Stories from Families Who Benefit and Conviction of Those Still Fighting for Relief 

Denver, CO –  As families across the country gather this week to celebrate the holidays, millions more will be able to celebrate with the security that they will be together, finally free from the fear that deportation could separate them from their loved ones.

In a new video released today by America’s Voice, Ana Temu reflects on her stepfather’s fears of living and working without papers, and how the new policy from President Obama will impact his and her family’s lives.  

Ana is a 23-year old US citizen.  Her mom fled to California in the 1980’s to escape the Guatemalan civil war and was granted asylum.  However, her stepdad is undocumented and the family has been worried ever since that he could be deported at any moment.  Now that Ana’s stepdad will likely qualify for the new program, she discusses the impact President Obama’s new Deferred Action for Parent Accountability (DAPA) will have on his life.

“Administrative relief would, first and foremost, give my dad safety and security of not being torn apart from us,” says Ana in the video.  “And it would give him hope of being a real person in his community and a valued person in his community.”

You can learn more about her story in a new video featured on OurHome.us – a website highlighting stories of people and families who will benefit from the administration’s program and those who still need an administrative and legislative solution.

Another story featured at OurHome.us shows how administrative relief is already changing lives, even before the new program is officially in place.  Rachel Bawatwa of Columbus, Ohio, will thankfully be spending the holidays with her husband and young son, both US citizens.  Just last month she was in the final stages of deportation proceedings when President Obama announced the new DAPA program.  Instead of going ahead with her deportation after the President’s announcement, the local ICE office removed Rachel’s ankle bracelet and has given her the chance to apply for DAPA in hopes of remaining here with her family.

“In the spirit of the season, President Obama was able to bring relief and joy to thousands of families who have called this country home for years.  Much remains to be done and we won’t stop fighting until we have a real and lasting solution for all 11 million, but we will be sure to reflect this year and celebrate the joy of those families who can finally be together during the holidays without the fear of being torn apart,” said Patty Kupfer, Managing Director of America’s Voice.

OurHome.us is a campaign by United We Dream and America’s Voice to tell the stories of those most impacted by President Obama immigration policies. 

Watch the new video from America’s Voice featuring Ana Temu’s reflections: