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“From Teenagers to Heads of Household”: Univision Highlights Young People Shouldering Dramatic New Responsibilities after Ohio Raids

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In a stirring piece, “From teenagers to heads of household,” Univision profiles some of the young people left to pick up the pieces of their families after the military-style raid at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center last week.  

There’s Jimmy Rodriguez, a DACA recipient, who was detained during the raid and saw his father arrested and taken away. Three hours later, Jimmy was back at work at Corso’s at his father’s urging.  Now, Jimmy is responsible for supporting his mother and siblings on his own, working 17-hour shifts to do so.

Then there’s Rosa Ramos, a U.S. citizen, who is also dealing with the arrest and pending deportation of her father.  On top of that, she doesn’t know even where he is.

The video also features Jerry Velasquez, another U.S. citizen, now thrust into the role of head of household following the massive raid. Shock and pain is evident in Jerry’s eyes as he talks about how he had been saving money for college, but now intends to use that money to support his family.  

The Toledo Blade and Norwalk Reflector, among other outlets, have also published must-read first-hand accounts of the raids and their aftermaths.

A related piece from Univision features a father and children in distress over their mother’s arrest at Corso’s, as well as the humanitarian response from local churches. The response to the raid both locally and across the state has been immediate. A rally in support of workers is taking place today at 3pm in Norwalk, and many groups in the region are organizing supply drives and soliciting donations to support their work on behalf of the families impacted by the raids.  

Ohioans across the state are outraged at this aggressive, military-style action carried out against hard working individuals. For example, Lucas County Commissioners issued a strong statement against the raids last week:

This surprise blitz by government agents on the agricultural businesses in Sandusky and Castalia to arrest workers is an unjust and deplorable action that has created the avoidable separation of families, including many with young children.

This large scale workplace immigration raid has left children stranded without their parents and disrupted the local communities of Erie County. The effects are going to be felt for years to come. Children are wondering if they will ever see their loved ones again.

These are people who are trying to work in this county and pose no threat to American security.

See here for more quotes from Ohio leaders and concerned citizens. See this link for ways to donate and support the families’ and service providers who are on the front-lines.