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Frank Sharry Reacts to Trump’s Latest Racist Drivel and GOP’s Ongoing “Deafening Silence”

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Yesterday, on Twitter and during a speech in West Virginia, President Trump was again at his unhinged, hateful and fact-free worst. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“Yesterday, President Trump, once again, dragged the presidency down into the fever swamps of the alt-right. As conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote, Trump’s latest screed was ‘absurd, unsupported and downright racist…Trump is inciting racial animosity and smearing millions of immigrants by making a racially incendiary allegation not backed up by facts.’ Those of us who believe in the American ideal that people from different backgrounds can strengthen the country are appalled.

By this point, there is no mistaking or explaining away who this man is or what he believes. Yesterday, President Trump proudly celebrated the racism of his origin story as a presidential candidate. He defended the racist drivel he spoke with after descending the escalator nearly three years ago.

Just as disturbing as Trump’s ongoing xenophobia is the deafening silence of the Republican Party. Republicans used to argue that the presidency would change Trump, but, instead, Trump has clearly changed the Republican Party. He has cowed them into silence and complicity to the point that few even dare to speak up or to object to his overt racism and xenophobia. If immigration used to be an issue that divided the GOP, it’s now clear that most Republicans have picked a side and have decided to stand by their man. History will not be kind to this President or his Republican enablers.”