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Frank Sharry Reacts to News that Prominent Dreamer Lorella Praeli Joins Clinton Campaign

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Today, the Hillary Clinton campaign announced that prominent Dreamer and immigrant advocate Lorella Praeli will become the campaign’s new Director of Latino Outreach.  Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, issued the following statement in response:

“Lorella Praeli is a leading Dreamer and a leader in the immigrants rights movement.  She embodies the dedication, smarts, commitment, and fearlessness that are hallmarks of a youth-led network that has transformed the immigration debate and achieved major breakthroughs nationally and in states across the nation.  Immigrants and their allies can rest assured that with Lorella at the heart of the Clinton campaign, their concerns and priorities will be the campaign’s concerns and priorities.

“This is historic.  Hiring a Dreamer such as Lorella represents a milestone of sorts: it recognizes and elevates the central role that New Americans play in shaping the future of our great country.

“Alongside Hillary Clinton’s recent commitments on immigration reform and executive action in Las Vegas, today’s announcement is another powerful indication that the Clinton campaign gets how important Latino voters are in the 2016 election and that immigrant justice is key to winning over a community that will prove decisive in numerous swing states.

“On a personal note, it has been incredible to see Lorella blossom from a young college graduate new to politics to a sophisticated and strategic activist who speaks truth to power at every opportunity. This next challenge will enable her to make an even bigger contribution to the fight for justice and equality.”