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“Citizenship for America’s Workforce is an Investment in the American Economy”

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Frank Sharry statement on Democratic Budget Resolution

Washington, DC – On Monday, Senate Democrats unveiled their $3.5 trillion budget resolution, which is the first step in passing the human infrastructure package via the 51-vote process known as reconciliation. The resolution includes instructions for the Judiciary Committee for $107 billion for “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants.” 

This means that the budget resolution foresees and sets aside money for citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers and other essential workers. The budget resolution will be debated later this week and, if passed as expected, will set the stage for the Judiciary Committee to craft the specifics of who gets a path to citizenship and when, with a process to debate and pass the whole budget reconciliation legislation later this year.

As Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders made clear today,  “We will bring undocumented people out of the shadows and provide them with a pathway to citizenship, including those who courageously kept our economy running in the middle of a deadly pandemic.”

The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: 

This is a historic moment. The full weight of the Democratic Party is on board to legalize millions of hard working immigrants who have helped America in our hour of need and who are deeply interwoven into our families and neighborhoods. It is not only a validation of the broad support by the American people for pathways to citizenship, but a recognition that to build our way out of this pandemic – to Build Back Better – we cannot afford to leave anyone behind.

Citizenship for America’s workforce is an investment in the American economy. Immigrant youth, TPS holders, farmworkers and essential workers are a key component of our labor force and our economy and are indispensable to our communities throughout the country. By allowing them to apply for a path to citizenship, we will reap the benefits of higher wages, reduced deficits, and accelerated GDP growth. 

Citizenship directly impacts the budget of the federal government. That is why we are confident it will pass muster with the Senate Parliamentarian. 

We anticipate that Republicans will do everything they can to knock citizenship out of the budget resolution. They will deploy their fear-mongering and border-first talking points. But the overwhelming bipartisan support of the American people for citizenship for immigrants should prevail. Democrats should keep their eyes on what America wants, not what Republicans want Americans to fear.