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“As A Nation, We Are Better Than Sending People Back To A War Zone”

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Frank Sharry Reacts to Trump’s Call to Expel All Syrian Refugees

Yesterday, while speaking in New Hampshire, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump reiterated his support for the inhumane 1950s mass deportation undertaking known as “Operation Wetback.” He also found new vulnerable targets to attack.

Trump pledged that, as president, he would seek to expel all Syrian refugees:

“If I win, they’re going back … I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration.

“They could be ISIS, I don’t know … This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time.  A 200,000-man army, maybe.  That could be possible.”

Trump’s new lines on Syrian refugees fit alongside his ongoing radicalism targeted at other immigrants and their families.  After calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists earlier this summer, Trump has promised that he would forcibly expel 11 million undocumented immigrants – and, one assumes, an additional 4.5 million U.S. citizen children born to undocumented parents – over the course of 18-24 months.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “America is the global leader in refugee protection and a beacon of hope for refugees fleeing violence and persecution around the world.  Given the ongoing crisis in Syria – and the world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II – our country should be stepping up and doing more, not blowing the dog whistle of Islamophobia and threatening to send home those we have protected.  Now, like he has on immigrants, the Republican frontrunner is whipping up fears of the ‘other’ and fanning the flames of intolerance for political gain.  As a nation, we are better than sending people back to a war zone, where many would face death and persecution.  Trump’s latest comments should be denounced by people of goodwill who believe that America should lead, not cower.”