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“Another Day, Another Trump Scheme to Rob Military Budgets”

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For the Second Time This Week, Trump Administration Tees Up Another Raid of Military Funds for Border Wall Obsession

Yesterday, the Trump administration’s DHS sent a request to the Pentagon to build approximately 270 miles of border barriers under existing counter-drug authority. But due to the relatively small amount of anti-drug funding in the Pentagon’s coffers, “the Defense Department will likely have to divert funds from other military accounts in order to provide adequate funding,” as CNN reports.

Got it? This is not to be confused with the other Trump effort to raid military budgets that’s been in the news this week – the plan to again use the fake emergency declaration to raid $7.2 billion in appropriated military funding and the tepid response from Republicans in Congress.

According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice: 

Another day, another Trump scheme to rob military budgets in order to advance his border wall obsession by any means necessary. Trump is singularly obsessed with the border wall and its political symbolism and is advancing a dizzying array of risky schemes to claim his own version of ‘mission accomplished’ to his rally chant-and-response crowd. 

He’s raiding a complicated array of military budgets, diverting funds from drug interdiction, seizing private landowners’ property, trampling on the constitutional separation of powers, and exposing congressional Republicans as invertebrates unwilling to stand up to his actions. But despite his relentless obsession, he’s still not getting Mexico to pay for the wall or convincing the American people that the wall is anything but an ineffective, wasteful, and offensive monument to his ego.