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America’s Voice Responds to DOJ’s Decision to File an Emergency Stay on Executive Action Lawsuit

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The White House just announced that the Department of Justice will file a request for an emergency stay of Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling that blocked the expansion of DACA and the initiation of the DAPA programs. The following is a response by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice.

We are very pleased that the Obama Administration is showing an unwavering commitment to fighting tooth and nail for the common-sense immigration policy changes the President announced last November.

The decision by Judge Hanen, who is well-known for his hostility to immigrants and to the Obama Administration, has faced withering criticism for his opinion.  He sidestepped the heart of the case, which is the well-established legal authority of the executive branch to set priorities, use prosecutorial discretion and distinguish between bad actors and hard working families.  In addition, his decision has been criticized for relying on right-wing myths about immigrants.

We are confident that when serious jurists look at the case and apply the law the Administration will prevail and eligible immigrants will be able to come forward, pass background checks and apply for work permits.