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America’s Voice on Immigration in the Biden Speech

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The following is a reaction statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice.

America is at its best when it is strong and confident. Joe Biden embraced the idea of America as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity. He recognizes the contributions of immigrants throughout our history, and throughout the pandemic. He understands that immigrants are essential to the build back better project. 

He spoke out on behalf of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are Americans in all but paperwork. He spelled out a path to a legislative breakthrough this year by  building off of two bills that have passed the House to legalize Dreamers, TPS holders and farm workers. Despite a withering campaign to get him to reach for a politically expedient return to the cruel and ineffective deterrence of the Trump administration,  with respect to migration from Central America he remains focused on achieving durable solutions. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are working relentlessly to stir racial resentment, stoke xenophobia and distract from their failures. They would much rather point fingers at the ‘other’ than stand up to insurrectionists and stand up for ordinary families. They value the quest for power benefiting the few over policy solutions that benefit the many. 

Speaking as an American, I will take the power of immigrants to be an essential part of the American story, and a President who calls for the long-overdue legislation that legalizes millions, over the cruelty and divisiveness of the Trumpified GOP any day of the week.

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