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“America Has Become Stronger” – Frank Sharry Responds to President’s Speech in Las Vegas

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The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to President Obama’s speech today in Las Vegas:

The President’s action to recognize the humanity of millions of hardworking men and women is the most powerful affirmation of the American Dream in a generation.  It is not an unprecedented action, since  American presidents for the last 60 years have taken similar action to open the path to the American Dream for millions of immigrants.

Yet the President’s action deserves special praise and special thanks.  The policy prescriptions of the executive order are sound and reasonable and the results achieved are significant and uplifting.  The President has acted to give voice to millions who want nothing more than to simply be recognized legally and continue to work hard for their families and their adopted country.

The President also acted on behalf of the American people.  We want our government to work and our nation to move forward.  We are so very tired of partisan bickering and Congressional gridlock.  We are a nation of immigrants, and most Americans believe that from the bottom of their hearts.  This action echoes Abraham Lincoln’s call for us to ‘appeal to the better angels of our nature.’  America has become stronger as a result of the President’s decision.

But much remains to be done.  It would be a mistake for opponents of immigration reform to stay on the wrong side of our storied history as a nation of immigrants.  America can and must bring the full measure of opportunity and hope to all the millions of immigrants left outside the scope of this executive action.

The President took the right steps for the right reasons: to help good people and demonstrate that our government can work at its highest level of pragmatism and idealism.  The Republican Party should take note.