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Advocates, Journalists and Policy Makers Call BS on Trump’s Veto Threat

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Donald Trump took the political world for a spin last Friday when he tweeted a threat to veto the omnibus bill that Congress had just passed. In his tweet, Trump pretended that the veto threat was about DACA — even though Trump and Congressional Republicans have refused to embrace and enact bipartisan solutions on nearly half a dozen different occasions.

A few hours later on Friday, and to the surprise of no one, Trump reversed course again and signed the omnibus bill. In response to Trump’s veto threat, journalists, Dreamers, advocates, commentators, and members of Congress had some very choice words for Trump.

Take a moment and read through the assembled tweets we have put together. Together, they show how informed observers and actors called BS on Trump.

Here’s a sampling:

Frank Sharry, America’s Voice: “Oh my. From unprepared to unfit to unhinged. Mr President, the way it works is this: if you want the deal, you say yes. If you torpedo the deal on the senate floor and threaten a veto, you can’t blame others for it. Is that too complex for you? Should we dumb it down further?”

Joy Reid of MSNBC: “Why is Trump trying to pretend that he and the Republicans are on the side of DACA recipients? TRUMP ENDED DACA… This is the most blatant gaslighting I’ve ever witnessed.”

Elise Foley of Huffington Post: Things that would have helped Dreamers that Republicans blocked:  Comprehensive immigration reform, Dream Act, even allowing votes on alternates in House, Bipartisan proposals in Senate in Feb. And also…DACA.

Jennifer Rubin, columnist for Washington Post: “Maybe he should fire Miller and stop listening to Cotton who talked him out of a DACA deal. They made him look weak and foolish.”

Gabe Ortiz of Daily Kos wrote: “The Dream Act and the USA Act are just two of the proposals that could protect DACA recipients and other immigrant youth. Donald, your party controls Congress. Yet you’re still somehow blaming Democrats for not passing protections? Gimme a fucking break.”

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