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Washington Times Advertorial: A [TPS] Decision By Monday Could Cost America 200,000 Legal Workers

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DHS Decision Expected Monday

Please find the advertorial in its entirety HERE.
This morning, the Washington Times ran a TPS advertorial focused on industry voices and the urgent need in this country for Salvadoran TPS workers. The piece highlights the fact that TPS is not an open-ended immigration program and also underscores how only those who were here when the original decision was made are eligible for renewal. Therefore, the piece states, the Administration should allow TPS holders to remain in the U.S. legally versus turning 200,000 legal workers into unauthorized workers.
In just 5 days, by January 8th, the Trump Administration will decide whether 200,000 Salvadorans who legally live, work, and pay taxes in the United States will lose their TPS immigration status.
Please find the advertorial in its entirety HERE.