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Activists Behind the Grassroots Push to Oppose the Funding of Trump's Deportation Force and Detention Camps Keep Up the Pressure as Spending Deal Nears

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As the White House and Congress near a spending deal, activists called on elected officials from both parties to reject Trump’s request for a massive infusion of funds to expand immigration enforcement.

In early April, CREDO, United We Dream, ACLU, Detention Watch Network, America’s Voice Education Fund and others delivered 290,000 petitions to leaders from both parties on Capitol Hill to call on them to stop the Trump Administration’s request for a $3 billion increase for more boots, beds and wall. The demands: stop the unnecessary, offensive and costly border wall; no to an expansion of detention capacity; and no to an expansion of deportation agents.

A recording of today’s call is available here.

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager, CREDO, said:

Progressive activism led by frontline immigrant rights advocates fueled the massive opposition to Trump’s wall and deportation force. This week, and in the months ahead, Senate Democrats have the power and responsibility to block Trump’s agenda of criminalization and deportations as well as resist and obstruct his racist regime at every turn. Progressives are demanding that they use that power. We will have their backs if they resist and act like an opposition party, and we will hold them accountable if they fail.

Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director and Co-Founder of United We Dream, said:

Any Member of Congress or DC insider who supports this budget or some phony compromise to funnel money into detention camps and deportation will own the fear in my heart and the suffering of people like my parents who would be targeted by Trump’s force, put in detention camps and deported. We demand that not one dime go to detention camps or Trump’s deportation force.

Ronald Newman, Director of Strategic Initiatives, American Civil Liberties Union, said:

People across the nation are sending the message, in word and deed, that Trump’s deportation priorities are not America’s priorities. The United States does not believe in tearing families apart and imprisoning people because they’ve sought a better life. Folks in all corners of the country are rejecting Trump’s unconstitutional and un-American agenda, and demanding that Congress not funnel billions of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars to support it.

Mary Small, Policy Director, Detention Watch Network (DWN), said:

It is not enough to oppose the wall — Congress should refuse to fund all facets of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, including the reckless expansion of immigration detention. Immigration detention is already operating at a historic high; the abuse, due process violations, and medical negligence endemic to the system are already reaching new extremes. Too often, our political leaders have failed to envision just and humane immigration policies without incarceration. It is the responsibility of the resistance to demand a different reality and to build alternatives where people, families, and communities can live in dignity without fear.