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A report commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security and conducted by the research firm Westat reveals defects in E-Verify, the immigration status verification system. E-Verify “doesn’t get it right half the time,” the AP writes, while headlines its article “E-Verify’s certainty in doubt.”

The buzz continues in the Spanish-language press around actions in support of immigration reform and the March 21st march in Washington. EFE recounts an interview with a cook on a food-service truck in Los Angeles who told the news service, between preparing orders of tacos and burritos, how happy he is to be participating in “Tacos for Justice” (“Tacos para la Justicia”) because the movement will allow him to do his part “to win immigration reform and keep families together.” Articles in Hoy (Laredo, TX), Noticia Hispanoamericana (New York), La Prensa (Orlando) and Frontera (Tijuana) also refer to pro-reform activities.

The Spanish-language press continues to anticipate the march for immigration reform planned for March 21st in Washington. Notimex quotes Margarita Ramon of Inquilinos y Trabajadores (Tenants and Workers) saying: “We will demonstrate the power and the collective importance of this discontented community.”

Today, the Spanish-language press highlighted a protest in Georgia by members of the Ku Klux Klan against the walkers of the “Trail of Dreams” who advocate for the DREAM Act.

At a town-hall meeting held by Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) in Los Angeles, attendees pressured the congressman to lead the fight for comprehensive immigration reform in the House. notes that the forum was held three days after a bill was introduced in the House that would deny citizenship to children born in the United States of undocumented parents.