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America’s Voice La muerte de un inmigrante de 16 años en custodia de CBP no fue un accidente Report Reveals Forcing Asylum Seekers to Wait in Mexico is a Humanitarian Catastrophe Created by the Trump Administration The Death of a 16-year old in CBP Custody Was No Accident English The New York Times Migrant Teen … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Two Reports – by Human Rights First and by a DHS “Red Team” – Show the Policy of Sending Asylum Seekers to Mexico is Fundamentally Flawed ICYMI: Immigration Leaders Oscar Chacón & Sulma Arias Pen Op-Ed Urging Permanent Protections for TPS Holders ICYMI: “Immigrants are Standing Up for American Values — Even if … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Dónde queda la esperanza de los menores migrantes New America’s Voice Report: “The Stephen Miller Emails: Once Far-Right White Nationalist Ideas Are Now U.S. Policies” McKinsey Cashes In On Cruelty As Trump’s Cronies Profit from “Sweetheart Deal” to Build the Wall, Fresh Reminders That Border Wall Itself is Wasteful, Ineffective and Just Plain … Continue reading »

America’s Voice DHS Inspector General: Trump Administration Deliberately Intended to Separate 26,000 Children With No Plan For the Chaos and Crisis They Knew Would Occur The young Latino vote and the “I won’t let you take advantage of me” generation Asylum Rejection Rate in NYC Has Exploded – One Example of Larger Trump/Miller Strategy at … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump Administration Planned to Separate 26,000 Kids with No Ability to Track or Reunify Them Boston Globe Editorial Board: “There’s plenty of room at the table” El voto latino joven y la generación del ‘yo no me dejo’ English NBC Immigration is a dicey issue for 2020 Democrats as they seek Latino vote … Continue reading »