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America’s Voice On Press Call Experts and DACA Recipients Discuss the Immigrants Protecting America Amid Xenophobic Attacks SCOTUS Should Do Its Part to Help Our Nation In Our Hour Of Need By Protecting DACA Recipients American Hero: TPS Holder & Harvard Custodian Stayed on the Job to Fight Pandemic, Contracts Covid-19 Symptoms Stephen Miller and … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Rafael Bernal at The Hill: Immigrants like TPS holders, Dreamers at risk of losing status during coronavirus pandemic The White House’s lack of leadership is just as dangerous as the coronavirus Chef Jose Andrés Champions Immigrants’ Role on Front Line of Pandemic It’s vital to include immigrants to combat COVID-19 English Politico Massive … Continue reading »

America’s Voice On Press Call, Experts Respond to Trump Administration’s Strategy of Using Bigotry and Xenophobia to Deflect from Its Mishandling of COVID-19 Pandemic English Bloomberg Law Foreign Doctors’ ‘Hands Tied’ by Visa Rules in Covid-19 Fight By Jacquie Lee and Genevieve Douglas March 24, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Negotiators Nearing Accord on U.S. … Continue reading »

America’s Voice ICYMI: Julio Ricardo Varela in Washington Post “Trump turns to a familiar scapegoat: Immigration” English The New York Times In Pandemic, Justice Dept. Seeks Video Court Hearings and Home Detention By Charlie Savage March 23, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Pauses Court Proceedings for Asylum Seekers By Michelle Hackman March 23, … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Sen. John Cornyn To Senate Democrats Fighting For All Americans: “Blah Blah Blah” Protecting America’s Health and Economic Security Relies on the Frontline Skill of Immigrant Workers La falta de liderazgo en la Casa Blanca, tan peligrosa como el coronavirus English Dallas Morning News U.S., Mexico banning ‘nonessential’ crossings as Trump warns of … Continue reading »