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English Politico HUD: DACA recipients ineligible for U.S.-backed mortgages By Katy O’Donnell June 13, 2019 Buzzfeed News The Trump Administration Admits It’s Denying Housing Loans To DACA Recipients By Nidhi Prakash June 13, 2019 theBlaze HUD assistant secretary confirms DACA recipients are not permitted to get US-backed mortgages By Mike Ciandella June 13, 2019 Vox … Continue reading »

America’s Voice 2020 Elections: Here Are the Democratic Candidates’ Immigration Plans Honorable Military Service Doesn’t Protect Immigrants From Trump Deportation or Expulsion, GAO Report Reveals Increased Deportations Democrats Stand with Majority of American By Stepping Up for Dreamers, Owning Common Sense Solutions In 2020 Immigration Debate English Bloomberg Kamala Harris Vows Executive Action to Allow … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Reminders About The Human Toll of Trump’s Failure to Address Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis at the Border  English Bloomberg The Number That Will Tell Us Whether Trump’s Mexico Deal Is Real By Josh Wingrove June 12, 2019 Associated Press Tariff Deal Gives Momentum to ‘Remain-In-Mexico’ Policy June 11, 2019 The New York Times … Continue reading »

America’s Voice From “closing the border” to “incremental tariffs,” two threats never realized DHS Inspector General and Doctors Describe Repeatedly Unaddressed, Horrific Immigrant Detention Conditions “As Phony As A Degree from Trump University” – Observers Blast President Trump’s Desperate Spin and Continued Immigration Failures While Trump Fumes and Fails, Democrats Outline a Sound and Sensible … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Previewing the Week on Immigration: Chaos, Failure and Abhorrent Detention Conditions As Humanitarian Crisis Grows Trump congratulates himself for “solving” the crisis and chaos he himself generated Trump se autocongratula por “solucionar” crisis y caos que él mismo genera Del “cierre de la frontera” a las “tarifas arancelarias”, dos amenazas no cumplidas English … Continue reading »