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America’s Voice Because Congress Controls the Power of the Purse, Trump’s National Emergency Declaration to Build a Border Wall Uniquely Threatens the Constitutional Balance of Powers The supremacist siege on our Spanish language doesn’t cease ICYMI: Alan Gomez: “Judge may force Trump administration to reunite thousands more separated families” English The Hill Pollster calls Trump … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Washington City Paper: Immigrants With Temporary Protected Status Are Fighting to Stay in the U.S. Family Separation Continues With No Process & No Accountability English TriCorner News (Op-Ed) The realities of being an undocumented immigrant today in the USA By Carol Ascher February 20, 2019 Associated Press Democrats Prepare Resolution Against Trump’s Declaration … Continue reading »

America’s Voice “No one in Congress should be allowed to avoid voting on this presidential power grab,” – Washington Post Editorial Experts Agree, Trump’s “National Emergency” Undermines National Security English Associated Press Trump says he has ‘absolute right’ to declare emergency By Catherine Lucey February 19, 2019 The Washington Post What Republican senators are saying … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump’s presidency is the real national emergency ICYMI: “Trump Declares National Emergency in ‘Slap in the Face to Military Families’” – Foreign Policy Emergency Declaration is Unpopular and Unconstitutional – What Side Will GOP Elected Officials Choose? La presidencia de Trump es la verdadera emergencia nacional Do Republicans Stand with Trump or the … Continue reading »

America’s Voice “La declaración de emergencia es un poderoso símbolo de la increíble debilidad del presidente Trump”: Frank Sharry “The emergency declaration is a powerful symbol of President Trump’s incredible weakness.” – Frank Sharry Chris Hayes on the Meaning of “Border Security” ICYMI: As Trump Preps His “National Emergency,” His Undocumented Former Employees Share Their … Continue reading »