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English CBS Trump to dispatch border agents to “sanctuary” cities to aid in ICE operations By CAMILO MONTOYA-GALVEZ February 14, 2020 El Semanario Requiem For The Nation; The Executioner Is Unleashed By Maribel Hastings and David Torres February 15, 2020 The New York Times Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities By … Continue reading »

America’s Voice On Press Call, Advocates Blast Trump’s Decision to Send Tactical Units to Cities that Welcome Immigrants  Texans Remain in Crosshairs of Trump’s Obsession: $3.8 Billion More from Military for Border Wall 5 Key Points About the Border Wall on 1-Year Anniversary of Trump’s National Emergency Declaration, 2/15/19 $3.8 Billion More from Military for … Continue reading »

America’s Voice The moral solvency of the one-time “beacon of hope,” in free-fall Carlos Guevara: “Venezuelan refugees need Temporary Protected Status” Jared Kushner’s Points-Based “Immigration Reform” is a Ruse House Democrats Call Out White Nationalist Stephen Miller, the Architect of Trump’s Cruel Assault on Immigrants and Refugees En caída libre la solvencia moral del otrora … Continue reading »

America’s Voice ProPublica Sheds Light on the Origins of Border Patrol’s Corruption, Abuse, and Lack of Accountability Expansion of Muslim Ban to Broadly Target African Immigrants Underscores Need for NO BAN Act English The New York Times Blasting in Construction of Border Wall Is Affecting Tribal Areas By Christine Hauser February 11, 2020 The Washington … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Trump’s Budget: Billions in Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Billions in Health and Education Cuts for the Rest of Us, and Billions for His Stupid Border Wall Americans Paying A High Cost In Civil Liberties Due to Trump’s Extreme Approach on Immigration English Associated Press New York Files Lawsuit Over Ban on Global … Continue reading »