New Americans Museum staff isn’t backing down after finding two anti-immigrant messages scrawled near the entrance over this weekend. Patrons found the messages Saturday morning on both walls of the entrance to the museum in Liberty Station. One message read, “Too much immigration! Go back to your country. This... Continue »
hite Florida man has been charged with battery after he was accused of punching an Hispanic man in the back of the head “for Donald Trump.” The Gainesville Sun reported that the incident occurred on Nov. 10 while the victim was cleaning the parking lot at a Gate Food... Continue »
A University of Michigan student was approached by a stranger who threatened to set her on fire with a lighter if she didn’t remove her hijab, police said. The incident occurred between 5:30 and 7 p.m. on Friday just outside the campus in Ann Arbor. Police said the woman... Continue »
A Latina woman working as a nanny in SF’s Marina district was physically and verbally attacked Monday in a hate crime at Fort Mason’s Great Meadow. As CBS 5 reports, the incident happened while the woman was looking after two small children, and a man dressed all in black... Continue »
A 56-year-old Patterson man who told two employees of a local grocery store that he “wants to shoot all Spanish-speaking people” is in custody, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday. Police say two employees of Putnam Lake Market on Fairfield Drive were talking to each other in... Continue »
A Milpitas woman who was hiking at Mission Peak in Fremont wearing a headscarf had her car vandalized, purse stolen, and found a note left there assuming her scarf was a hijab, saying “This is our nation now.” In fact, she wears the scarf due to hair loss from... Continue »
Police told WOIO that computer science department chair Benjamin Kuperman woke up at around 3:40 a.m. when he heard noises on the doorstep of the home he shares with his family. According to Kuperman, he came outside to find the sea shells on his porch smashed and a note... Continue »
A student discovered a racial slur on the wall of a boys’ restroom at a Maryland elementary school last week and told a teacher, but officials said the teacher did not take immediate action to report the incident. The principal at Sligo Creek Elementary School in Montgomery County said... Continue »