Douglas Rivlin: “Creating a modern immigration system that works for America and the American economy is a strength to be embraced, not an issue to ‘downplay or defuse.’” Washington, DC – Political journalist Ron Brownstein’s analysis is always insightful. In his latest column at The Atlantic, Brownstein highlights how... Continue »
Washington, DC – The fierce blowback to the Biden administration’s potential reinstatement of family detention – fresh off the condemnation and analysis of their recently announced asylum ban – raises questions about their larger vision, motivations, and assessments. President Biden has not spoken clearly, consistently or often about how... Continue »
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings and David Torres from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week:  The Republican Party continues to solidify itself as an anti-immigrant entity with the annual CPAC meeting... Continue »
Washington, DC – Today, the House Oversight and Accountability Committee held another immigration and border-focused hearing – the sixth official Republican Committee hearing on the subject in the first six weeks of the GOP’s majority.  The most notable news about the hearing occurred beforehand. As Newsweek reports, “Full List... Continue »
Biden Needs to Offer a Comprehensive Plan, Not Band Aid Fixes Washington, DC – Leading Democrats, experts, and advocates have been universal in condemning the news that the Biden Administration is considering reinstating family detention. While the White House Press Secretary attempted to downplay the “rumors” that family detention... Continue »
Listen to a recording from today’s call HERE.  Washington D.C. – On a press call this afternoon, Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46), advocates and experts criticized the news that the Biden administration is considering reinstating family detention. Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA-46) issued a statement earlier in the day, saying in part, “We’ve pushed for the end of Title 42... Continue »
Washington, DC – The reported news that the Biden Administration is considering reinstating family detention is a disturbing development that threatens to again take the administration in the wrong direction on immigration policy. According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:  “No way, no how should the Biden... Continue »
New House Oversight Committee Letter from Ranking Member Jamie Raskin Spotlights GOP’s Dangerous Mainstreaming of White Nationalist Conspiracies Washington, DC – A new letter from House Oversight and Accountability Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) to Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) calls on Republicans to join Committee... Continue »
CPAC Anti-Immigrant Ugliness Runs Through FL and TX Washington, DC – Last week, we highlighted how the Republican Party and the broader conservative movement were busy defining themselves by immigration extremism. This weekend proved the point, at CPAC and in the prominent GOP-led states of Texas and Florida, they... Continue »
At CPAC, in Congress and in Florida, “GOP is ever-more comfortable with a brand of anti-immigrant politics that is extreme, dangerous, and out of step with the American public” – Zachary Mueller Washington, DC – As a series of events and remarks this week underscore, today’s Republican Party and... Continue »