Washington, DC – As Republicans hold Ukraine aid hostage in a bid against asylum and humane immigration processes, a powerful Philadelphia Inquirer editorial, “Biden must make immigration a priority, not give in to GOP demands,” is a must-read, noting in part: “Senate negotiators who are working on a bipartisan... Continue »
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings and David Torres from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week:  There are differing versions about what happened last Friday when a mother and her two children... Continue »
Washington, DC — Tomorrow, House Republicans will continue performative anti-immigrant politics by bringing H. Res. 957 – introduced by Rep. Nathan Moran (R-TX) – for a floor vote. The resolution contains much of the false, right wing anti-immigrant rhetoric used by today’s GOP (most recently in DHS Sec. Mayorkas’... Continue »
Washington, DC — House Republicans keep admitting their views that immigration and the border are a political issue to run on, rather than a policy issue to be resolved. The latest reminder, via Beltway outlet Punchbowl News:  “Speaker Mike Johnson and his leadership team gave the clearest signal yet... Continue »
Washington, DC — Last week, we highlighted the dangerous escalation of Texas’s anti-immigrant push under Gov. Greg Abbott, after the Governor stated, the “‘only thing we’re not doing is shooting people’ crossing the border because ‘the Biden Administration would charge us with murder’” and after Texas National Guard troops... Continue »
New York, NY — A recent article in American Journal News highlighted a new study that emphasized “the positive impact immigrants consistently have on the U.S. economy.”   The report found that “some of the biggest contributors to economic growth are refugees and asylum seekers.” Migrants and asylum seekers contributed... Continue »
Washington, DC — Texas under Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has been relentless in their anti-immigrant focus, both politically and substantively. Texas is challenging federal supremacy over immigration and border control and going to new lengths to assert the Governor’s role in the national GOP spiral towards extremism. Three developments... Continue »
THE POLITICIZATION OF IMMIGRATION CONTINUES Senators continued to negotiate – and not get to a final agreement – a package to fund the Ukrainian defense against Putin by gutting asylum in the hopes of winning Republican votes. America’s Voice has been carrying a consistent message, that “most Republicans, especially most... Continue »
Washington, DC —The three leading Republican presidential contenders are openly calling for the mass- purge of all undocumented immigrants from the country – including the population of long-settled immigrants who are living, contributing and raising families in the U.S.. While we have documented the Republican Party’s ongoing descent into... Continue »
Find the full recording of the call here. WASHINGTON, D.C.  – As some Republican lawmakers continue to hold security assistance to Ukraine hostage in exchange for major policy reforms to restrict immigration, immigrant rights  advocates and policy experts held a press call today to outline the anticipated harms of... Continue »